Das Plus Energie-Projekt „Powerhouse“


Five residential buildings for the rental market with 128 apartments and 28 car parks will be built in plus energy standard in Berlin Adlershof. Nowadays, it is absolutely necessary to identify a household’s potential for saving energy. Knowing that two-thirds of CO2 emission occurs from heating plus hot water and one-third relates to electricity, residential project development has to make use of this knowledge.

Plus energy means that a house produces by definition more energy than it consumes. To achieve this, high heat insulation will be integrated and furthermore, the house will produce its own power and thermal energy by using a photovoltaics system on the roof top. All in all, the benefits of this plus energy project are due to its sustainability and the significant energy savings potential followed by the reduction of heating-related operating costs for users.

With this project, Laborgh wants to create a new milestone for sustainable building – combining innovative technology and quality with affordable housing.  

Project details



Acquisition, allocation,

project development,
Project management, sales



Development and construction period

2015 to 2018


Project volume

appx. € 21,4M



appx. 8.500 m² net area